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    On this page you will find descriptions and photos of the E-Z Gage© Hook Rule II & the E-Z Pro II, Jr & Mini Protractors© and Rockin' Roller © Motorized Roller Bender.

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     This is a new section of the website devoted to those of us who work with our hands as well as our minds.  I will be adding new Cool Tools (© 2006)  from time to time, so check back occasionally.

     Coming Soon: a single-person, manual rail bender.

Please  let me know if there is a specific tool that you would like to have developed.


E-Z Gage II Hook Rule

    I developed this tool to quickly determine stock sizes without the hassle of a tape measure.  The slots are used to determine the diameter of round stock, the size of square stock and the thickness of flat bar.  The other side of the E-Z Gage is used to determine the width of flat bar.  These hook rules are made of 14 gauge, 304 stainless steel and successfully resist rust even in the damp Northwest climate.  All numbers and lines are actually laser-etched into the tool and will hold up to use much better than the painted lines and numbers found on most tools.

    Price is $20.00 ea. plus shipping.   As always, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

E-Z Gage II Hook Rule 01

E-Z Gage II Hook Rule 02



E-Z Pro II, Jr & Mini Protractors

    This extremely handy tool is a must for those who need to layout accurate angles for fabrication, blacksmithing and woodworking among other situations  The protractor comes in three sizes to meet most needs: E-Z Pro II - 24" diameter ($75), the Jr - 12" diameter ($40) & the Mini - 6" diameter ($20). Shipping is extra. The E-Z Pro II is large enough to allow the layout of 1/4° increments. I come in to Portland, Oregon about once per week and might be able to deliver to some locations. All protractors are made of 14 gauge, 304 stainless steel and successfully resist rust even in the damp Northwest climate. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

(Can you guess what the humps are for on the cross arms?)

E-Z Pro II Protractor-small


Rockin' Roller Motorized Roller Bender

   I developed this roller bender to fill the gap between the small, hand-cranked models, which can bend only relatively thin material with a great amount of effort, and the larger motor-driven models, which run in the $7k - $10k range. At $2,500 for a parts kit and $4,500 for a fully assembled unit as shown, this 1 horsepower motorized unit fills the gap nicely.


  1. Easy and simple to use.  Requires only a single wrench (included) to change to different set-ups.
  2. Rollers are laser-cut from high-strength steel and are very affordable.  They come in 4”, 6” & 8” diameters and custom sizes are an option.
  3. Edge bends (the “hard way”) & flat (the “easy way”).  The rollers can be spaced to virtually any width for edge bending.
  4. All parts are readily available off-the-shelf items or laser cut.
  5. The unit has a foot-controlled on-off switch for safety and a forward-reverse switch.

Roller Bender